Arrow Directional Boring, Inc. has a long history of successfully completing county and municipal projects. Our company was founded in 1996 on the premise of providing professional, local and timely completion of directional boring services to the water and sewer community. Our employees are knowledgeable in all aspects of underground utilities and utilize company resources efficiently to complete projects within budget and on time. We are proud to say Arrow Directional Boring, Inc. is quite possibly the only licensed, bonded and insured contractor in South Florida who can offer trenchless and traditional open-cut methods of construction without requiring the use of sub-contractors. We are professionals, in house, in all aspects of underground utility construction. Arrow Directional Boring, Inc. is a certified State of Florida Underground Utility & Excavation contractor (CU-C1223723).

Key Personnel
The Arrow Directional Boring, Inc. team consists of highly qualified individuals with years of experience in underground utility construction. Our specialty from inception has been trenchless methods, and in that capacity, we have the most experienced and committed team in Florida.

Greg Blake, President of Arrow Directional Boring, Inc., has seventeen years experience working with underground utilities. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a strong mix of business related courses during his college education. Mr. Blake is the qualifier for the company and is a certified State of Florida Utility and Excavation contractor. He holds several other county licenses in addition to active membership in the Utility Contractors Association of South Florida. His organizational skills in planning a large project schedule, education and experience ensures a smooth progression from start through project completion.

Jeff Blake, Vice-President of Arrow Directional Boring, Inc., with seventeen years experience working with underground utilities, is the visionary force behind the company. His foresight of the future of trenchless methods in the water and sewer industry has placed us at the pinnacle of all companies offering these services. His principle role of lead estimator and project manager makes him the most influential member of our team. His leadership abilities have grown beyond the corporate framework through his activities with the National Underground Contractor's Association (NUCA). Currently, Mr. Blake is President of the Underground Contractors Association of South Florida (UCA), Vice-President of the Underground Utility Contractors of Florida (UUCF), Contractor member of NUCA's Board of Directors and an active participant of political action committees for the UUCF, involving trips to Tallahassee and Washington, DC to meet with our legislators. His thoroughness in assigning the right people to each project ensures a professional outcome everytime.

Adam Fogg is our lead superintendent and will be assigned to this project through to completion. Adam has eighteen years experience in underground utilities and includes a wide range of talent. Mr. Fogg has been employed by Arrow Directional Boring, Inc. for 8 years and is highly respected by our men in the field. He has been in charge of all our large projects. He is a skilled heavy equipment operator, has exceptional skills operating directional drill rigs and a true asset to the company. Best characterized as our 'go to man.'

A Source You Can Depend On
Today's underground construction industry demands more skill, higher productivity, and greater efficiency than ever before. These are three good reasons why you can rely on Arrow Directional Boring, Inc. for the trenchless installation of underground service lines. We are directional boring specialists. The ongoing, innovative work we perform in this industry means we're continually developing and expanding our underground construction expertise. The resulting benefits to you include new construction options, increased project capacity and greater installation efficiency. From gas line, water line and power line installation to communications cable, signalization, irrigation systems and remediation work, Arrow Directional Boring's on-the-job experience assures you have the reliable resource you need to get any underground job done right - the first time.

The Directional Boring Advantage
In the past few years, Arrow has seen directional boring go from an alternative method of underground construction to a preferred method of underground construction. Why? Because directional boring is often the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient way to get the job done. Directional boring greatly minimizes surface disruption, which in turn, cuts restoration costs and minimizes social impact. Services can be installed under yards without damaging landscaping; installations completed under roads, parking lots or sidewalks without disrupting traffic. In addition to the time and money-saving advantages our directional boring systems offer, there are also public relations benefits to consider. Today, many communities restrict open-cut excavations. Since directional boring minimizes surface damage, Arrow's directional boring systems offer a positive solution to this increaslingly common concern.

Innovation Is The Key To Performance
At Arrow Directional Boring, we believe innovation is the best way to maintain a high level of service and quality. this includes not only highly skilled and conscientious personnel, it also means using the most advanced directional boring systems on the market today. Our experience and innovative techniques have both pushed the envelope of equipment performance past any other competitor. We can bore pilot holes in excess of 1,000 feet in a variety of soil conditions; we can then pullback cable, pipe or conduit as large as 24 inches in diameter. Multiple ducts are no problem; we have pulled as many as 9 - 6" HDPE conduits through a single bore, over 250 feet in length using only a 20,000 pound class machine. Through hard coral formations!

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